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Our History

Borehamwood Spiritual Centre has been running since about 1980, it was originally known as Borehamwood Spiritualist Church and was founded by Stan & Sue Winskill.
It was first held at Farriers Hall on the "Horses Home Estate" but then moved on to Aberford Hall in Brook Road, where regular meetings were held on Thursday's & Sunday's.
Some years later it moved to Allum Hall where we still remain in Room 5 of the Manor House. Although whilst major refurbishment was carried out to Allum Hall, we had to temporarily move to Maxwell Park Hall for a short period, but returned once completed.
The name was changed to "Centre" a number of years ago as we took a more modern approach and view on Spiritualism and as we are non denominational.
Although the Centre has seen many changes, it is still run in an informal and relaxed way, and is privileged to have had, and still have, many of the country's leading Mediums on our platform.
We hope to keep the doors open for many more years to come!
Love & Light

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