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Spiritual Development (Circle)

A Spiritual development circle is for those who wish to develop their Spiritual abilities, to become more aware of spirit, and to develop the ability to communicate with spirit and gain a greater knowledge of spiritual matters.

We also teach about Chakra's, Aura's and Healing among many other aspects of Spiritual development.

We will also be running some open Question & Answer sessions where you can come & find out & learn more about Spiritual matters, how it  works & ask any question you need an answer for, to give you a greater insight into the world of Spirit and many other aspects of Spirituality.

 Also we are looking to start some workshops, but we would like to hear from you ! what would you like to learn about or see at the Centre ? Come and speak to us.

 Love & Light 


You can contact us on 07908 224506 (Gloria)

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